• Do you support multiple timezones and currencies?

    Yes. StatsMaster can accurately collects costs from different channels across different time zones to ensure the profit SMS report is evaluating the same time period across both channels.

    If your Facebook and Shopify currencies are also different - fear not! We integrate with a currency feed from the European Central Bank.
  • What time will I get my daily SMS?

    You can set the notification time to any time you like. 
  • How much does the app cost?

    Currently we have a single option of $9.99 per month. SMS alerts cost $0.50 each
  • Can I add multiple mobile numbers?

    Not yet but this is coming very soon.
  • Can I get an email notification with profit in?

    Yes - you can add an email address that will also get the profit notification.
  • How are product costs calculated?

    If you have added product costs using Shopify's cost field, then we will use those by default. For any products you haven't added cost data to, we will ask you for the average margin to calculate the cost with.
  • How does StatsMaster deal with Tax?

    We evaluate revenue after tax. E.g (Revenue - Taxes) - Costs = Profit
    You should enter your costs excluding Tax as well.
  • How does StatsMaster deal with Shipping

    StatsMaster does not count shipping revenues towards profits.
    We will shortly be adding the optional facility to include this in your calculations. If you need it urgently just drop us a line.
  • How do I integrate with Slack?

     To activate Slack notifications, navigate to Settings, click "Add to Slack" and follow the instructions to integrate StatsMaster with your Slack channel. 
    Once you have done this, a daily profit notification will be posted in the channel you chose during the setup process. The notification time will be the same as the setting for your SMS and email notificaitons, found in the Settings Page.

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