Daily Profit Notification for Shopify

Change your world, by understanding your True Profit™, every day on Slack or SMS - only for Shopify

Did I actually make profit today?

You probably know lots of people who've never run a business. They could never understand how hard it is, for you to actually know if you're making profit or not each day. Costs come at different times, from different places. It's virtual impossible to stay on top of them so it's not unusual for business owners to go weeks or months before having a clear picture of profitability.
That might be fine if you're a big company, but most of us can't afford to make big mistakes.
Not so long ago, we were exactly the same, investing everything we had into advertising, people, products, office space. Some days felt good, others bad, but really we had no idea until the end of the quarter if we were up or down.
That's why we built stats master - a simple tool, that takes minutes to setup, that makes a really good profit calculation and texts it to you every day, without trying to be your entire accounts package.

"I would never have time to log in to all the different systems and tools I use to try and work profit out each day, but it's just effortless with this app. My email inbox is a mess so SMS is ideal."

Daniel M. - Shopify Store Owner

Make your life easy

  • Facebook Ads IntegrationStats Master features one-click integration with Facebook. Once connected, StatsMaster True Profit™ SMS will collect cost data from facebook every hour of the day, 365 days a year - completely automatically.

  • Cost of Goods (COGS)StatsMaster quickly calculates the costs of your products based on your average markup.

  • Effective Daily CostCosts don't all look the same. Some arrive weekly, others monthly, yearly or per-order. StatsMaster  figures out your effective daily cost for everything and accounts for it in your daily profit SMS. 
    Add as many costs as you need - perfect for staff costs, software subscriptions, marketing costs, telephone, shipping, office/admin and more.

Setup takes less than 5 minutes

  • Details (1 min)

    Add your mobile number or connect to Slack

  • Connect Facebook (1 min)

    If you have one, connect your facebook ads account for automatic cost import

  • Add your costs (2 min)

    Add daily, weekly, monthly, annual and per-order costs and set margins for CoGs

The Power of Now

  • React Faster

    Whether you're making money or losing it today, it's empowering to know now.
    Capitalise on profit growing activities and stem the bleed of experiments that aren't working out.

  • Delegate with More Confidence

    When you know the bottom line, every day of the week, it changes everything.
    Give your employees more free reign, safe in the knowledge that you can catch any mistakes early.

  • Be Your Best Entrepreneur

    Getting bogged down in the details? We all do it. That's what it takes to make a business a success, but just imagine how different you'd feel if you really understood your profit in the moment. 
    For us, it was life changing.

Set Your Own Notification Time

Not everyone wants their daily message at the same time. Some of us are early risers and others do their best work in the early hours.

Set a notification time that suits you and change it anytime.

Install StatsMaster True Profit™

Expect The Best

  • Secure & Resilient

    Best practice systems design

    • Hosted in managed Heroku Dynos

    • Fully compliant with GDPR

    • Comprehensive data privacy and encryption

  • Great Support

    Fast response to any issues around the clock

    • Managed Ticket System

    • Zero Downtime Deployments

    • No Outsourced Support

  • Technologies

    We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

    • Responsive design

    • SMS Powered by Twilio

    • Elastic Scalability


  • Elegant Dashboard with a quick overview of your live profitability today. See trend data for sales, facebook costs, COGS and other costs.

  • Input your annual, monthly, weekly, daily and per order costs and StatsMaster will work out the effective daily cost of each

  • Settings panel to control your notifications, timing, Facebook account and connect your Shopify costs


One simple, all inclusive price

  • StatsMaster True Profit™

    Cost per Optional SMS


    Cost per Slack message


    Facebook Ads Integration

    Free updates and new features

    Fast, Free Support

    Secure Data Storage

    Multi Currency

    Multi Timezone 


StatsMaster True Profit™

  • Cost per Optional SMS


  • Cost per Slack message


  • Facebook Ads Integration

  • Free updates and new features

  • Fast, Free Support

  • Secure Data Storage

  • Multi Currency

  • Multi Timezone 


Mark S.

This app has completely changed my life - previously I was basically guessing how much profit I thought we'd make on a quarterly basis. Now I know exactly what my REAL profit is, day by day.

Get StatsMaster True Profit™ Now


  • Do you support multiple timezones and currencies?

    Yes. StatsMaster can accurately collects costs from different channels across different time zones to ensure the profit SMS report is evaluating the same time period across both channels. 
    If your Facebook and Shopify currencies are also different - fear not! We integrate with a currency feed from the European Central Bank.
  • What time will I get my daily SMS?

    You can set the notification time to any time you like. 
  • How much does the app cost?

    Currently we have a single option of $9.99 per month. SMS alerts are $0.50 each

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